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Bureau Veritas , France

Classification Society

Guy Parmentier (guy.parmentier@bureauveritas.com )
Jean-Claude Astrugue (jean-claude.astrugue@bureauveritas.com )

17 bis place des Reflets
92077 Paris
URL: http://www.bureauveritas.com/

About BV
Bureau Veritas, founded in 1828, is an international service company dedicated to preventing risk and improving quality and safety. It pursues these causes in different areas including the marine sector, international trade, building, industry, aerospace and certification. Bureau Veritas has a wide experience in classification of ships, gathering technical information enabling an appreciation of the degree of confidence or class granted to the ships. To aid in updating classification rules, Bureau Veritas performs research studies covering in particular risk analysis, hydrodynamics, structural reliability and software development. Bureau Veritas has wide experience in problems related to the design and the construction of high-speed craft, cruise vessels passengers ships and RoPax as well as the use of various materials for shipbuilding.

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