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VTT Industrial Systems , Finland

Research Institute

Seppo Kivimaa (Seppo.Kivimaa@vtt.fi )
Harri Soininen (harri.soininen@vtt.fi )

Otakaari 7B Street, P.O. Box 1705
02044 VTT Espoo
URL: http://www.vtt.fi

About VTT
VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland) is an independent multi-disciplinary research centre and is the largest contract research organisation in the Nordic countries. VTT Industrial Systems, one of the six VTT research institutes, focuses in the maritime sector on performance, safety and environmental aspects of ships, offshore structures and maritime traffic. Ship structures and loads are studied in the Ships and Offshore Structures Group of VTT Industrial Systems. VTT Industrial Systems has participated in Brite-EuRam, FP5 Growth, ESPRIT, EUREKA, FatHTS and DISCO and COST. Research expertise in: strength, vibration and fatigue analysis of ship structures; numerical load predictions; structural analysis; experimental data from field and laboratory; research of strength and fatigue behaviour of new materials. Total staff at VTT is 3000 of whom 500 are in the Industrial Systems division. 4 specialist research staff will participate in the NoE.

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