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Helsinki University of Technology , Finland


Pentti Kujala (pentti.kujala@hut.fi )
Jani Romanoff (jani.romanoff @hut.fi )
Petri Varsta (petri.varsta@hut.fi )

Otakaari 4 Street, P.O. Box 4100
02015 Hut
URL: http://www.hut.fi

About HUT
Research Expertise in: Production technologies: Development of strength analysis methods for all laser welded steel sandwich panels, analysis of the fatigue strength characteristics of laser and laser-hybrid welded joints, development of ultimate strength analysis methods for large cruise ship structures, estimation of production accuracy and studies related to ship safety in a grounding event. HUT has close co-operation with the Finnish shipyards and Marine community.
Staff: 4 professors, 20 research and technical staff, 15 postgraduate students and 5 graduate students.

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