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Technical University of Istanbul , Turkey


Mustafa Insel (insel@itu.edu.tr )
Odabasi A. Yucel (odabasi@itu.edu.tr )

Gemi Insaati ve Deniz Bilimleri Fakultesi, Maslak
80626 Istanbul
URL: http://www.itu.edu.tr

About TUI
Founded in 1773, Istanbul Technical University is the leading Turkish university for academic/industrial research and graduate/postgraduate education on a wide range of engineering fields. Today Istanbul Technical excels in technology-oriented research in Turkey, South-East Europe and Middle East with special emphasis on international collaborative research. The Faculty of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering was established in 1971 and has been a leading centre of research and ship design in Turkey. It is recognised for its contributions in such areas as ship hydrodynamics, ship structural mechanics, and overall ship design. The Research and Application Group has a wide range of interests. Its vibration and noise sub-group has conducted a large number of vibration and noise measurements and analysis in Turkish built ships ranging from propeller excited vibration measurements to superstructure panel vibrations. Human vibration measurements were made for seat safety and standards conformance.

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