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Navantia , Spain


Jorge Quiroga (jquiroga@navantia.es )
Francisco Viejo de Francisco (fviejo@navantia.es )

Velazquez 132
28006 Madrid
URL: http://www.navantia.es

About NAV
IZAR has a central Innovation Division, with a central R&D Dept., as well as an R&D node in each factory. IZAR has been cooperating with the EU Commission facilitating its Staff as Expert Evaluators, organising Workshops, and several R&D events. IZAR cooperates through Coredes, Euroyards, CESA and similar bodies promoting a better focus for maritime industries R&D in the EU. IZAR has a permanent cooperation agreement with UPM (Polytechnic University of Madrid), and promotes the participation of researchers from the UPM in shipbuilding R&D projects.

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