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University “Dunarea de Jos” of Galati , Romania


Ionel Chirica (ionel.chirica@ugal.ro )
Iordan Matulea (Iordan.Matulea@ugal.ro )
Domnisoru Leonard (Leonard.Domnisoru@ugal.ro )
Daniel Olaru (Daniel.olaru@ugal.ro )

47 Domneasca Street
800008 Galati
URL: http://www.ugal.ro

About UGAL
The Naval Hydrodynamics, Structures and Equipments Research Centre (NHSE) in the University “Dunarea de Jos” of Galati is concerned with educational and scientific activity in naval architecture and offshore engineering. In the Research Centre (NHSE), joint research is performed by staff from two Faculties: The Faculty of Shipbuilding and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, from the departments of Naval Structures, Naval Hydrodynamics, Mechanics and Strength of Materials, Welding Technologies. The research activity of the NHSE centre covers: Hydrodynamics, Mechanics of Ship and Offshore Structures, Structural Analysis, Production Technologies. Staff of NHSE Centre includes: 10 Professors, 10 Associate Professors, 8 Lecturers and 7 Assistants, 10 Graduate students (Master and PhD students).

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