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Lisnave Estaleiros Navais SA , Portugal


António Correia Rodrigues (Correia.rodrigues@lisnave.pt )

Lisnave Estaleiro da Mitrena
2901-901 Setubal
URL: http://www.lisnave.pt

About LSN
LISNAVE, one of the world's leading repair yards, is involved in the ship repair and conversion business of ships and offshore structures. The company has about 950 employees in Mitrena shipyard, where all the activity is now concentrated, following the closure of the Margueira Shipyard. Mitrena shipyard is in the river Sado estuary, with three drydocks from 300,000 up to 700,000 dwt and three platforms based in a new concept for drydocking – Hydrolift – that can handle ships of about 80000 DWT. LISNAVE has been an active participant in some European RTD projects: ESPRIT (MARVIN and Fluent), BRITE PROGRAMME (FatHTS and OCTOPUS), IST Programme (Whales) and GROWTH Programme (FasdHTS and INTERMAR).

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