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Ship Design and Research Centre, Centrum Techniki Okretowej CTO , Poland

Research Institute

Lech Murawski (lmur@cto.gda.pl )
Jan Dudziak (research@cto.gda.pl )
Joanna Wierszylo (joannaw@cto.gda.pl )
A Baczynski (rk@cto.gda.pl )

Al. Rzeczpospolitej 8 Street
80-369 Gdansk
URL: http://www.cto.gda.pl

About CTO
Ship Design and Research Centre (CTO) is a multidivisional, state owned company established in 1971, to meet research and development needs of the shipbuilding industry. The technical-administrative staff consists over 200 technicians, engineers and scientists. Ship Structure Division has two main areas of research interest: Numerical calculations; Measurement analysis. The division is equipped with dedicated strength and vibrations laboratory and necessary portable equipment. Ship Materials, Corrosion and Environment Protection Division has expertise in: Investigation of materials; Joining techniques; Influence of environmental and service factors on the performance of marine structures. Ship Hydrodynamic Division is an ITTC member, equipped with: two towing tanks –deep water and auxiliary ones, big cavitation tunnel, PMM and open lake manoeuvrability basin.

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