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Norwegian University of Science and Technology , Norway


Torgeir Moan (Torgeir.Moan@marin.ntnu.no )
B. Leira (Bernt.Leira@marin.ntnu.no )
Stig Berge (stiber@marin.ntnu.no )

Otto Nilsens v. 10 Street
N-7491 Trodheim
URL: http://www.ntnu.no

About NTNU
NTNU has close links to the research institute MARINTEK in the SINTEF group. Some details about the department may be found at the homepage (http://www.marin.ntnu.no/eng/) and details about the Centre of Excellence in Ships and Ocean Structures may be found on http://www.ntnu.no/cesos. The department has been involved in large industry projects relating to Ships for the Future (with Kværner), High Speed Vessels, and risk analysis of FPSOs. Staff: 20 permanent faculty members, of which 5 are relevant for the present project. Through the Centre of Excellence for Ships and Ocean Structures two other researchers form other departments are closely tied to our department. The relevant staff forms research groups that continuously involve about 25-30 Ph.D. students and postdoctoral candidates.

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