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Centro Tecnico Navale , Italy

Research Institute

Carlo Camisetti (carlo.camisetti@cetena.it )
Raffaele Iaccarino (Raffaele.Iaccarino@cetena.it )
Roberto Porcari (roberto.porcari@cetena.it )

Via Ippolito D’Aste, 5
16121 Genova
URL: http://www.cetena.it

Founded in 1962 CETENA, the Italian Ship Research Centre, is a share company of Fincantieri Group committed from the very beginning to providing national and international customers with research projects and technical assistance on ship-related issues. CETENA has acquired a long-standing reputation for excellence in the fields of hydrodynamics, structures, sea trials and software for ship applications. Main research activities: Ship Hydrodynamics; Ship Structures; Full Scale Sea Trials; Information technology, virtual prototyping & virtual reality; Risk Analysis, ARM (Availability, Reliability and Maintainability), Ship Signatures, Simulation of Processes, ship performance monitoring, etc.; Ship and her components innovation; Navigability studies for harbours and terminals.

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