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Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg , Germany


Wolfgang Fricke (w.fricke@tu-hamburg.de )
H. Paetzold (hans.paetzold@tu-harburg.de )

Schwarzenbergstrasse 95
D-21073 Hamburg
URL: http://www.tu-harburg.de

About TUHH
The Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg (TUHH) is subdivided into six main research fields, each with 8 – 20 sections, having two professors and a certain number of permanent and non-permanent staff. The “Ship Structural Design and Analysis” section is one of three sections fully related to ship technology. The scientific activities resulted in 2001 in approx. 20 papers in journals and conference proceedings and in one dissertation. The diploma courses in naval architecture are offered to about 50 students per year. The current research activities include theoretical, computational and experimental work. A large laboratory serves for static and fatigue strength tests. The section is co-operating with various other institutions in Germany and worldwide. The activities concern also several national and international committees and work groups.

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