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Germanischer Lloyd , Germany

Classification Society

Rainer Hamann (rha@gl-group.com )
Hubertus v. Selle (sel@gl-group.com )
Jörg Peschmann (jpes@gl-group.com )

Vorsetzen 35
20459 Hamburg
URL: http://www.gl-group.com

About GL
Germanischer Lloyd (GL), established in 1867, is an independent international non-profit organization for ship classification, safety and quality control. GL offers a wide range of technical expertise to industry throughout the world including surveying and certification of safety of ships, offshore structures and other industrial units and certification of Quality Systems. GL establishes standards, guidelines and rules for the design, construction and survey of ships flying any flag and other marine structures such as mobile offshore units. GL is a founding member of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) and the European Association of Classification Societies (EURACS) as well as the European Economic Interest Group UNITAS. The Advanced Engineering and Strategic Research Division currently has a permanent staff of about 70 working in seven departments.

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