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SIREHNA , France

Research Institute

Fabian Pecot (fabian.pecot@sirehna.com )

1, rue de la NoŽ, BP 42105
44321 Nantes
URL: http://www.sirehna.com/

About SIR
SIREHNA does technological research and industrial applications in Naval Hydrodynamics, Fluid Mechanics and related topics (structural computations, thermics, acoustics, CAD). SIREHNA develops and applies scientific software and conducts experimental studies in industrial or laboratory environments, with research interests in: Control mechanisms for marine vehicle stabilisation; Measurements in sea trials and ship motion monitoring; Free-Surface Flows (wave resistance of ships, radiation-diffraction of floating bodies, sea-keeping of marine vehicles and off-shore structures); Viscous Flows (3D boundary layer, vortex shedding, sloshing); Fluid-Structure interaction (shocks and impacts, flow induced vibrations); Structural computations (static, dynamic, composite materials); Dynamics of towed cables and underwater marine vehicles; Thermal transfers, two-phase flows, vibro-acoustics, aero-hydroelasticity; Structural and shape optimisation.

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