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Principia Marine , France

Research Institute

Nicolas Besnard (nicolas.besnard@principia.fr )
Philippe Goubault (philippe.goubault@principia.fr )
Jean-Yves Pradillion (j-yves.pradillon@principia.fr )
Fabrice Jancart (fabrice.jancart@principia.fr )

Rue de la NoŽ 1, P.O. Box 22112
44321 Nantes
URL: http://www.principia.fr/

About PMA
Principia Marine results from the merging in July 2001 of IRCN (French Shipbuilding Research Institute) with the Principia Group and is the leading French private R&D organisation in the marine field. The aim of Principia Marine is to provide scientific engineering works and to carry out research and technological development projects for shipyards, classification societies, suppliers, ship-owners, navies, oil companies, offshore and other maritime industries. Research expertise in: Structural mechanics; Numerical hydrodynamics; Naval architecture; CAD, and scientific consulting. Principia Marine is involved in several European R&D projects or thematic networks: CEPS, PRODIS, MARNET CFD, EVIMAR, WONDERMAR 2, AZURE, ASRA/HPC, MOBISHIP, DISCO, VRSHIPS-ROPAX, and CRASHCOASTER, and maintains a close relationship with the French Universities and R&D organisations and is an active member of ISSC.

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