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Instituto Superior Técnico , Portugal


C. Guedes Soares (guedess@mar.ist.utl.pt )
Y. Garbatov (yordan.garbatov@mar.ist.utl.pt )
J. M. Gordo (jgordo@mar.ist.utl.pt )
N. Fonseca (nfonseca@mar.ist.utl.pt )
M. Ventura (mfv@mar.ist.utl.pt )
A. J. Cacho (ajcacho@mar.ist.utl.pt )
L. Sutherland (leigh@mar.ist.utl.pt )
D. Dimas (dina@mar.ist.utl.pt )
F. M. Santos (fmsantos@mar.ist.utl.pt )
A. Teixeira (teixeira@mar.ist.utl.pt )
P. Antão (pantao@mar.ist.utl.pt )
J. M. Varela (varela@mar.ist.utl.pt )
T. Santos (tsantos@mar.ist.utl.pt )
L. Moreira (lucia@mar.ist.utl.pt )
R. Pascoal (rpascoal@mar.ist.utl.pt )
F. Pina (fatima@mar.ist.utl.pt )

Av. Rovisco Pais
1049-001 Lisboa
URL: http://mar.ist.utl.pt/uetn

About IST
Instituto Superior Técnico is the engineering school of the Technical University of Lisbon, which is committed to education and research in various areas of engineering and technology. It has an academic staff of approximately 800, about 8000 undergraduate students, 750 MSc. students and 250 PhD students. The Unit of Marine Technology and Engineering is a Research Unit of the Instituto Superior Técnico and has a total staff of around 40 researchers, organised in five groups covering areas of expertise and experience: Marine Environment, Marine Dynamics and Hydrodynamics, Marine Structures, Ship Design and Maritime Transportation and Safety, Reliability and Maintainability. This Unit has been involved in about 40 European projects.

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